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Hi All,
Well, i am a little under the weather (what an understatement) after last night. I laughed till my sides burst, it was a great night.  I only drink a couple of times during the year, and unfortunately i got a bit carried away with the vodka/jelly shots….. Never mind, we played musical chairs, did the limbo (im so not flexible),  played a ‘sort’ of pin the tail on the donkey, without the tail or the donkey (use your imagination), and played the Wii.  It was a great night, my sisters in law are just hysterical, we laughed and laughed. 
I was home by midnight, just managed to find the front door without breaking my neck and slept until lunchtime.  I did manage a walk with Jode, although we did get rained on but i felt much better.  I weighed myself on her scales, and the last time i did it was about 6 weeks ago.  Well, i have lost 2kg since then, i only need to lose about 3.5kg to be at my happy weight, so that was a nice surprise.
No thoughts of gambling, my head has been too sore!!! Even last night, it didnt enter my head, we were having too much fun.
So i hope you all had a lovely weekend, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time