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Sure, I go away for a teeny bit of time, and you reach your 100 milestone!  A belated congratulations my dear, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!  I enjoyed your re-telling of your evening with your friends.  It makes me think that the Kathryn from 120 days ago wouldn’t have enjoyed herself so much, been so free and happy.  Non-gambling has opened the door to let Kathryn shine again! 
The only thing I can’t congratulate you on is the weight loss.  That’s because I’m a sourpuss and have not go my plans to do the same off the ground!  Really, if you do any more self-improvement, I’m going to end up hating you! lol  Not true, I will use you as inspiration.  Seriously, great job K.  Relax and recover this weekend.  You certainly deserve it.