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Hi Kathryn,
Glad to hear you are still going strong. the first couple of weeks are nearly under your belt and you are noticing things that you never would whilst gambling. with the kinder club thing. do you think maybe you based your oppinion as everyone there being bitchy as sub consiously you knew your time would be better off helping out with the kids tho the gambling part of your brain told you it was much more rewarding and fulfilling to gamble?
 my biggest realization since my ongoing recovery is just how precious the everyday things are. i bought my little boy a present yesterday as i had said if he could be a big boy and go without his dummy at night then i would reward him. his face as i showed him his present was priceless! he felt proud of hiself and excited with his new toy. whilst gambling i would never have bothered to encourage him in the first place, and, its not xmas or birthday. why would i spend gambling money on a gift he probably wont play with?
i guess what im trying to say is gambling makes us cyinical and only when we stop does our try character truely develop.
The real Kathryn is developing and im sure you will become a person everyone will love even more, tho most importantly, you will grow to love yourself.
great to catch up with your progress. pleas keep posting.
Regards Dave