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Hi All,
Well today was ‘D’ day…off to the accountant.  I have not had as strong a gambling urge as i had driving in there.  I actually got the pain in my stomach.  My accountant is a lovely man, totally understanding and helpful and of course, he gave me some great advice on what to do about my debt.  He said just to start making payments, make them for a couple of months and then ring the tax office and speak to someone, so i was really relieved that there is a weeny light at the end of the tunnel, although it will take years and years to pay off.  But, thats the price.
Driving home, i thought about gambling, but only in the context that i didnt have the urge anymore.  The panic was gone, i had faced the demon now i just have to start making regular payments and get this thing on the move.
One bonus is that here, in Oz, we have a family payment, it is given to every family.  We have to estimate how much we earn in the year and the amount is calculated by them.  Once the tax returns are lodged, the family payment office check against what you earned to what you estimated and you either get a debt, a payment or break even.  It turns out that i overestimated our earnings by almost $20,000.  This means we will get a payment from them, and it should be a nice little bonus that i can pay off the tax in a lump sum so that will reduce the debt a bit. (not much but anything will help)
So all in all, i was petrified for nothing, now i need to go and eat, im starving!!!!
Have a great, gamble free day all,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time