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Hi All,
I had a few lightbulb moments yesterday in terms of my memories.  I finally made the connection that because i had been lying all those years, they pushed the ‘real’ memories to the back. The lies became my truth…..those words have actually changed the way i see my life and i find it to be rather amazing. I am accepting that i may never really remember the details of the last 20 odd years and im ok with that.  Today is what counts, and my new memories, ones that are not tainted by lies or gambling are the ones i treasure.
So, yesterday was boring!!! I didnt do a lot, went and visited my girlfriend, and my mum, then had to work last night.  I had a really good night at work.  It helps when the residents are calm, and it really does depend on the staff working.  When i got there i had a coffee before i started and sat out with the girls and had a good laugh, it was really nice.
Today is a dreary, rainy day.  Bailey has a friend over so he is keeping them sufficiently occupied.  Im having a home day, pottering around getting some jobs done.  Tonight i have my girls night with Jode, its the finale of our show so we always have some yummy food and a good yak.
Not much else to say except that i havent gambled, im always grateful for that.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time