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Hi Dave
Im pretty excited bout finding the real Kathryn…. havent seen her for almost 15yrs (mmm i wonder if she will look like Angelina Jolie lol).  I wanted to reply about the bitchy mum kinder thing.  Im afraid its a case of once bitten twice shy for me…you see i did kinder with my eldest child ( mind you she just turned 18) and i was only 26 at the time.  It was awful. I tried to be friends with the other mums but at the time i was much younger than them and they didnt like it.  I was even on the comittee.  After the year from hell i vowed never to do it again, and i didnt!!! I also vowed never to gamble again and time and time again i did. (interesting)  Anyway, i just like to drop off and pick up like i said.  I have my friends, only one that  i tell everything to.  Im not interested in having coffees and chats about our kids.  I know that sounds mean but its how i feel.  Dont get me wrong, i do say hi and im friendly but these mums are full on.  This is my 3rd time round and im soooo not going there.  There has already been a letter sent home about a child that has allergies…aparently some mums were bitching that this child was getting special treatment.  The parents had to send a letter home and explain that he wasnt….SEE!!!! I cant be bothered. 
Anyway, ive just knocked off work, it was a full on evening, but it went quick.  Day 12 DOWN!!!!
KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time