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Hi All,
Well, today i finished my book. Dan Brown is a GENIUS!!!!! It felt like it took me forever but i finally got through it and i enjoyed every single bit.
I worked tonight, not my greatest night but im glad its over.  I am also working all weekend, what a drag, but i wont be saying that when i pay for everything for the wedding next week…hotel, hair, accesories, etc etc. Im grateful for my job, although sometimes it sends me a bit loopy!  Im just waiting for next weekend, im pretty excited about the wedding and the night at the lovely hotel on the water, a bit flash for me really!!!! Im sure ill take it all in my stride…
As for gambling, since my urge on Tuesday, i havent thought too much about it.  Its easy to forget when the children are home on holidays, its raining and yuck outside and they are under your feet all day!!!  Although now ive said that, usually i would be running to gamble as soon as Damian was home so i must be doing something right!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, i will be on and off here as usual, my football team is playing tomorrow, please send all your good vibes to the St. Kilda Football Club at 2.40 Aus eastern standard time.  Im thinking that if we all think about it at the same time, we will definitely WIN…. I will be a bawling mess if they do, and i will be a bawling mess if they dont so i have to buy some tissues on the way home from work!!!!
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time