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Hey girl, you are doing so great.  It is such a pleasure to log on here and read how busy your life is.  I have to ask though – what on earth is a hair fascinator?  I read that post from you on someone’s thread, and I didn’t have a clue what it was.  I’ll cheer for your team, but what kind of team is it?  Is it football like we know in North America, or soccer?  Or rugby?  I know we have different terms for our sports, so I want to make sure I’m sending up a mental cheer for the right kind of sport.   In Canada most of us are hockey nuts.  I don’t imagine that is such a big sport for you in Australia.  The pre-season is on right now, and the regular hockey season will start in about a week.  I can hardly wait.  I’m a fan of one of the Canadian teams, and game night (on the television of course) is a big deal for me.  Nothing is allowed to interfere!
Have a great weekend, I’m proud of you.