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Kathryn:  You crack me up !!!  Didn’t think football was such an emotional thing!!  My condolences on the loss, but next year will be different ….
Thanks for your post on my thread.  Always so nice to hear from you.  On this side of the world, it’s early Saturday afternoon.  Hubby and I took kids to a friends for a weekend long sleepover.  A first for them.  They’ve been on sleepovers before, and I’ve had tons at my house (in fact I’m known as the "Sleepover Mom"), but this is the first time it’s from Saturday a.m. to Sunday p.m. 
After we dropped them, hubby and I took the dog to a leash-free park to be with some canine friends.  He had a blast … sniffing butts and peeing on everything over one inch tall.  Then, we sauntered over to a flea market to check out some bargain stuff.  Nothing really interesting … there was a Revlon warehouse sale, but the prices were less than appealing, so came out with nothing.  He’s feeling a bit under the weather (could it have something to do with his weekly poker/beer night last night?), so we’re home.  I’m going to take a nap, then choose between cleaning and shopping.  Maybe a movie tonight, don’t know.
Glad to hear that the urge came and went with no incident.  I don’t expect you’ll give up your gamble-free time that easily now that you’ve come this far. 
Rest up for this week’s walkathon.  Maybe I’ll challenge you to seven one-hour walks before the end of next Friday.  What say you???
Keep safe and strong, my friend.
All the best.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.