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Hi All,
My weekend from hell is over, well it wasnt from hell but i was so tired last night i feel asleep on the floor in front of the heater!
I have a really busy week this week.  Today i am going to meet my sister.  She is taking the boys to KMart to buy them a ‘prize’.  She spoils them rotten, they are driving me crazy "when are we going?".  We are going to have lunch in there too. I am really looking forward to seeing her, she barracks for the team that beat mine in the grand final on Saturday.  I have to say, i was happy for her, she went to the game and i know its something she’ll never forget.  She is coming up to her 11th year gamble free, which i find amazing, and inspirational.  We didnt talk about it a lot as i was still gambling and didnt want to tell her, although i think she knew.  Now though, the conversation runs freely and i love listening to her advice and wisdom, she is a very smart woman, very insightful so i cant wait to see her today.
I am only working tomorrow and Wed this week.  Thursday im going to do something with the boys, Friday im going to town to get the brows done (no, they are not mono this time!) and get some things i need for the big day on Saturday…the wedding. I am also going to a work lunch on Friday, we dont do it very often, just a social thing so that will be nice.  Its at a pub with no poker machines so thats even better, i dont have to think about it at all.
My mother in law is coming Friday so i need to do some MAJOR cleaning this week. Tomorrow and Wed are dedicated to scrubbing…bathroom, toilet, floors…she doesnt care, but i do and i also know that she bitches to the other members of the family so im not giving her an inch!
I often get overwhelmed when i have a busy week, and go into meltdown.  I think ill write myself a list and cross off the jobs when i get them done.  With the kids home its harder to get the work done and i dont usually worry that much, as long as the house is tidy. 
Well, i had better go, i have a mountain of washing to fold, when i work on the weekend, nothing gets done so im in catch up mode.  I also had better find some time to go walking, Runninggirl has set me a challenge and im going to do it, no matter what…if it kills me, which it proboably will!!!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time