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Hey lady:  How goes the battle??  Did you get out for the walk on Monday?? I didn’t, so I’m well behind you already.  BUT … that doesn’t mean that I won’t catch up.  It rained cats and dogs all day long, so a walk was out of the question (I know … lame excuse!!!)  Anyway …
Yes, three bathrooms, but it’s sounds grander than it is.  House is average North American suburban, no great shakes.  Cleaning the bloody bathrooms has become a major ordeal though.  I have to do a lot of self-talk.  The only way I know I’ll do all of them is if I tell myself "only 15 minutes in each bathroom".  So I set my timer and away I go.  Not so bad if you break it up like that.
I’m so jealous of this grand affair you have on the weekend.  I love the whole dressing up, hair and make-up thing.  Haven’t had the opportunity to do it for a while.  Funny how things run parallel in our lives though,eh?  My hubby was also under the weather over the weekend.  How is Damian?  Feeling much better, I hope! Aren’t men babies when they get sick?
My niece is a bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday too.  Another grand affair.  Isn’t it ridiculous how much money people spend on weddings these days?  She’s been bridesmaid in six or seven weddings over the past four years and it’s just about broken her financially.  Between the dresses, the hair, the makeup and the gifts for the many showers and the wedding, it racks up into the thousands.  She’s 30, has a mortgage and bills etc, and she’s been out of work for a couple of months, so I hardly think her friends are being fair.  But that’s just me …
Man, I’m really prattling on today. Day 63 today, 9 weeks.  I’m a happy girl.  Gambling thoughts over the weekend, but no real urges to speak of.  I’m stressing a bit with guilt though.  Thinking about how much time I’m spending with my boys doing homework these days.  They needed me back then too when I was too self-absorbed to care.  What a wretch!!!
Sounds like a great week ahead for you.  Enjoy to the fullest.  Will talk soon.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.