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Hello my little aussie friend
Just popping in for a quick hello.
How exciting all this wedding stuff sounds….(god i LOVE a bit of ‘girlie’ stuff hehe) and i am so so glad to hear you’ve got the brows sorted before we reached the mono stage! Awesome! haha.
Before i forget, as far as your trip to sydney goes, apparently Newtown is THE place to go for nightlife these days. (sorry, i never made it there to report) but it was recommended by  quite a few. sounds like theres quite a few bars to choose from there. otherwise, if you are in the CBD area, head to darling harbour. Cargo bar is pretty cool. (expect a queue though!)
Sorry your team lucked out babe…..and damn, us kiwis kicked your butt in the netball again too didn’t we hahaha hahaha (yeah…i know you dont really give a toss, but I enjoyed it LOL) xx
Ok. enough cheek from me!!! Just checking in while i have a computer with a fully functional dongle (LOL).
Much love and light to ya babe.
Meg xxxxxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"