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Hi All,
I went to work last night, there is a resident there on respite and she is having some personal problems.  She is a beautiful soul and i tried my best to help her, or at least to give her some comfort.  I dont know if i succeeded but i did my best.
I came home to the boys, Bailey had lost a great big molar tooth that for the last 2 weeks was being pushed sideways into his mouth by the tooth underneath, he finally pulled it, very exciting.  Harry came running out in his jocks telling me he needed 5 dollars as he had cracked his dads toes (dont ask) and hes promised him a fiver.  He wanted to go to the shop and buy a drink.  He is so skinny and scrawny, as white as a sheet, i couldnt stop laughing, so i just took them up to the shop before and he got his wish.
I went for a big walk this morning with Jode.  Today we took her 2 boys with her, one is 2 1/2, the other is 1 and my goodness are they heavy.  Here we were, the two of us, pushing the pram up these big hills, i was nearly dead when i got home.
Im just going to potter around the rest of the day, so much for taking the boys to scienceworks, but i will save that for another time. They have had a great break, lots of friends around, visits, shopping, they did ok.
The only thing that drives me crazy is the movies….my kids watch them over and over, i have to tell you, the Indiana Jones themesong makes me cringe!
No urges to gamble, i have been reading a lot on here, staying busy and getting ready for Saturday. 
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time