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Yesterday my husband worked a 17hour day, which is extremely rare…he then had to get up at 545am to go back to work this morning so i thought i would tell you a bit more about him.
Although my husband and i have gambled together for many years, he is a wonderful man and i think i have been playing the victim a bit when telling you all about him.
I have been unfair to him… he works so hard for his family, and every week he comes home with his pay and gives it to me..(getting my drift?) I would then go and gamble it all away.
Yes, he likes the pokies, but when it comes to the c.g. i am the one who has brought us to the brink of despair.  In reality when we have gone, i am the one who says ‘ill just get more money’. He doesnt argue with me, im sure he is a c.g.too but more of a binge gambler where as i had to go all the time. 
Now that im not gambling, he is not bothered, he knows i cannot go and is supporting me, telling me he is proud.  If he ever reads this i want to say.. Dames, i love you. You have been here for me all these years through good and bad (lots of bad). I am a lucky woman to have you at my side and i thank my higher power every day.
I am thankful today, for my family and for all of you here at GT for helping me in my recovery.  I feel ive been given a lifeline, a second chance to really do right.  And im going to..just for today of course!
Thanks for reading, KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time