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Hi All,
At present it is 10.41pm.  I am sitting in my lounge listening to my mother in law.  She is snoring…..extremely loudly.
My day was full on, i went and got all my bits and pieces in town, went and had lunch and came home to a house full.  I dont normally mind, but when im busy i have difficulty coping.  My MIL is very unorganised.  Whereas i am not.  I know every single thing that is happening tomorrow for this wedding, she on the other hand knows nothing and is blaming everyone else for it.  No one cares she says.  Well, im sorry, but i have spent 2 months getting ready for this and im not having you come in the day before whinging. 
Dames and i have been planning this for a long time, as we dont get out that much and to have a night away is a big thing for us.  She told me tonight she’s coming to the hotel with us….ummmmm, no.  She will be going with her daughter, whose room she has paid for and who she is staying with.  We on the other hand are going in early, having a quiet drink before getting ready to go.  She had been extremely drunk, hence the snoring.  I dont have a lot of time for her when she is like that as i cant deal with her loud, opinionated conversations.  I know im being a b**ch, but i have had this woman stay here for the last 20 years, ive learnt to tune off.
She complains about the children, they are too noisy, too rowdy, to loud (hmmmm).  She has 4 other children, all with grown children who are not noisy, rowdy or loud.  Why does this make no sense to me.
Anyway, i just really needed a vent, a rant, a whinge.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow, all being well we will have a fantastic time, well, im going to anyway.
I hope you all have a wonderful gamble free weekend.  Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time