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Hi All,
Well, the wedding was amazing, i had a wonderful time.  I felt like a princess in my beautiful dress, and the hairdresser did an unbelieveable job on my hair and makeup, i cant quite believe she curled my hair and then all of a sudden there was a magnificant style on my head! The fascinator was a huge hit, i have to say, i think my hair looked better than the bridesmaids!
There were a few dramas as always, but the funniest one was when we went back to the bar after the ceremony.  My mother in law and my father in law get on really well, although they have been divorced for over 20 years, they do have 5 children together.  My FIL’s girlfriend has always been jealous that they still get on.  We were sitting at a table, the gf and me and my mil was hugging my fil and having a laugh.  My mil asked my fil if they were going to have a dance at the reception.  The gf, who by this time had a few wines in her screams out, in front of everyone in the bar ‘he’s dancing the bridal waltz with me!’.  I was sooooo embaressed, it was hysterical.  Amazing that they have been together for years and years, and she still is insecure with my mil.  She carried on about my mil all night, at one stage saying she was going to punch her in the nose.  Good grief!
Anyway, Dames and i had a ball.  We laughed and laughed, danced and drank and had a great time.  The bride was beautiful, her and her new husband were like the only 2 people in the room, it was beautiful.  They did have a dance off though, and i cant believe the moves the bride made in her magnificent dress.
Our room was lovely, with a bay view and a king size bed.  I love hotel linen, i slept like a baby.  Yesterday we went to my sister in laws for a bbq, the bride was there and we got to catch up with all the family.  It was a great day.  Then i came home and had a big sleep.  So all in all i had a fantastic weekend.  I will try and catch up on everyones threads in the next few days.  i have to work tonight so bear with me people!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend, i have a few more stories that i will get to later….
Take care, everyone, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time