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Hi Kathryn:  You have the uncanny ability to make me laugh out loud … even on my darkest days.  The boys, who are still awake (had a homework marathon), think their mother has lost her marbles for bellowing with laughter at the screen. 
Thank you, my friend, for making me Princess Fiona … although I’m rather afraid I’m already at the ogre bit, lol.
Now, on to the wedding.  What would special events be without a little spicy, family drama.  I cracked up when I read about your FIL’s insecure girlfriend, you MIL’s snoring, etc.  In laws do bring a little comic relief, don’t they?  Sometimes, they’re just an outright pain in the patootie though. Mine are, anyway.  My MIL is the evil twin of Martha Stewart.  Serves the most fabulous gourmet dinners in her well-appointed home, then snips at everyone all weekend because she’s exhausted, or because we haven’t brought "hostess gifts".  Good Lord … who brings hostess gifts when they go to dinner at their parents????  Anyway, that’s a whole other story for another post.  Suffice it to say, this coming weekend is our Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.  We won’t be going North to visit with the in-laws … just not in the mood for the rollercoaster that is my MIL.  We’ll have our own humble little turkey, with lots of stuffing and cranberry sauce … yum!!!    
OOOHHH … and don’t forget the candied yams!!!
Anyway … glad you and Dames had a lovely time (and it sounds like a bit of rekindling going on ).  Good for you.
Yes … I like the path to enlightenment bit … count me in!!!
Talk soon.
This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.– 06/10/2009 5:00:03 AM: post edited by runninggirl.