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Thanks for your post Danielle, it just reinforced me to do something i know ive had to do for many years…..Self exclude.
I rang my nearest venue (1 minute away) and a lady i know there answered the phone. I told her i wanted to self exclude and she told me they do it there so i told her i was coming RIGHT NOW!!! And i did.  She took me into an office and explained it all to me, how it works, what happens etc… Anyway i told her i wanted to go ahead with it. She is ringing the people and then theyll ring me to organise a time to see them. I have to have my mug taken and fill out some forms and they are sent to the venues i nominate…which will be all of them.
What a relief…i have taken what i believe to be the most important step for me.  I just want it done now so i dont have to think about it anymore.  I feel like the choice will be removed.  Words cannot describe the emotions im feeling, i guess im a little sad, at the end of the day i have loved those machines even though they bring me nothing but grief.  Its time to delve into my spirit and deal with the real emotions that drive me to gamble.
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time