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Hi All,
Ive had a good last few days.  Took my mum to town shopping on Tuesday and met up with my sister in there, we had a lovely time, mum was gorgeous, she just couldnt believe how many clothes there were in the shops!!!! I had to buy a birthday present for my bestie, she wants a tri-pillow, not very exciting im afraid but i got it for her.  Im going to buy her something special in Sydney when i go next month, im not saying what it is in case she comes on here and reads this post!!!
Yesterday was a good home day, although i worked last night (had a great shift for a change) i got a lot of cleaning done, and Jode took Harry to a big play gym for the day and then he had a sleepover at her house, so that was nice.  I am getting his kinder photos today, they are so cute, as he has his 2 top teeth missing his big toothless smiles are gorgeous and im really looking forward to seeing them.  Ill have to buy a frame, i have done it for all the kids and every photo, from kinder to school goes in the one frame. Then every year when i get a new photo we get all the other ones out from behind and see how much they have changed.
I have today off, Harry has kinder at 12 so i have the afternoon to myself.  I have to go and visit mum, and i think i will go and have a look at the local thrift stores and see if theres any bargains.  Tonight i have my night with Jode and im looking forward to that.  Im going to go early so we can go for a walk beforehand. 
We are currently looking to buy a little car for Brea.  Nothing flash, just something reliable for her for next year with Uni. She’s pretty excited about that, so hopefully we will get something soon. 
I have to say, yesterday when Jode took Harry my first thought was…gee, if i was gambling i could go now and no one would know.  But i would know.  I came on here instead and had a big read, lazed about and finished the housework.  Its funny to have a life without that constant feeling of dread.  Dont get me wrong, i love it, but it does take some getting used to.  I thank god every day that i am here, that im not gambling.
Anyway, i think ive rambled enough,
Have a great day everyone, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time