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Hello Ms K:  First, thank you for all the love and support you sent my way.  I am fine … I refuse to wallow and be depressed for days.  Onward …
I don’t think you should be the smart-ass donkey.  I’m rewriting the story if you don’t mind.  This version has you as Ariel … from The Little Mermaid.  The producers have decided to make you "part of their world", so they’ve given you the much dreamed about legs and you’re making a guest appearance with Princess Fiona.
I’m sorry that your day hasn’t gone according to plan.  Poor Brea must be so very disappointed.  I had to laugh about Slick chasing you all over the lot.  Used car salesman … honestly, must they live up to their reputations!!!  Here’s hoping Ms. Brea finds the car of her dreams soon. You just reminded me of another reason I have to stay true to the recovery process. I only have four or five years before my eldest son will want a car.  Hmmmm … better start now … and then university for both … Lordy!!!
Hope your day has improved markedly and that your weekend is stellar.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.