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Oh K, such a chuckle I had reading your latest installment.  Life is funny….take a sick day when you aren’t sick, and presto!  you actually get sick (or your kids do).  I used to say that the Bingo Gods knew when I won money – if I won $500, the next day my car would break down and cost $547 to fix.   In the grand scheme of things, you ended up with a story that you can amuse people with at the next cocktail party.  Really?  Does anyone actually have cocktail parties anymore?  Just about peed my pants when you talk about the GPS lady not really knowing what she was doing – when I was on my business trip a few weeks ago, my BF had his car (complete with GPS), and that woman must be the cousin of your woman.  She would tell him to turn right after we had passed the street.  Stupid things.  Of course, if it was a GPS man, he’d never ask for directions and you’d have ended up in New Zealand.
It’s not karma K, it’s life!  And we’d better get a d$mn good laugh out of it.