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So last night i was on the site till 1am.  Does anyone recall what i like to call ‘pokie eyes’?
You know, when youve been playing for hours and hours, watching the reels spin.  Im almost crosseyed, my eyes are stinging, and it takes a few days for my eyes to settle down.  Remember?  Well thats what i was like last night. It was funny, when i went to bed i thought ‘pokie eyes’, but then i thought, no, i wasnt gambling.  I wonder if anyone has any interesting names i can call it??? Seeing as im about 9hrs in front of the uk, the group therapy sessions are very late but i dont want to miss them.  I slept in this morning, master 10 came running in at 8.15, he leaves for school at 8.25. Oh dear!
I went to suss out the gym today and it was closed!!! I wonder if someone is trying to tell me not to go? So I went op shopping (i think you call them thrift stores) and i found a lovely outfit to wear to the gym!!! (if it ever opens)
Im taking my kids to the movies to see Transformers 2 tonight, the boys are beside themselves with excitement although Harry hasnt been to the movies before so i hope he enjoys it.  Brea is coming cause she gets a free ticket to the movies!!! Shes not silly. Im looking forward to it.  They go on holidays from tomorrow for 2 weeks and i have always dreaded them, still do a bit but im going to try and do a lot with them, even just a walk along the beach ( thanks Vera, it sounded so nice when you did it with your son )
Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful gamble free day, oh and by the way, im 2weeks today…yay!!
Bye for now, KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time