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Hi All,
Ive started my 4 day break today, which i feel i need.  Im so tired!  Brea and i are going to have a look at some cars today.  She has the day off from school, next week she will be finished all together except for her exams.  She’s doing really well, im so proud of her.
So my worry about the car hunting is that i know absolutely nothing about cars…except how to drive one and put petrol in! Im terrified we will buy a lemon.  I know what we can afford to spend, how many kms i will get for a 12yo car (which is what we will be looking at) but pop the hood and i havent got a clue.  Im going to try to go in very confident, like i know what im doing.  They are going to see a woman walking in and start rubbing their hands together.
One thing i can do is bargain.  Damian hates doing stuff like that…he wont even go to the shop if he doesnt have paper money, whereas i will use all the coins in my purse if i have enough.  Im glad he wont be there, if we do find something we will take him in tomorrow and see what he thinks.  I am also going to get some material for our much neglected dining setting.  The chairs are shocking so that will be a weekend project for us, a bit of a re-cover and they will be just like new.  I have to say, i have had some gambling thoughts, imagining walking into the venue, what will i play….then i slap myself and snap out of it.
Ive been a bit neglectful on the posting…but dont worry, ill be back with a vengance.  I feel a little lost for words at the moment (i know, you dont believe it!) and im not sure why, but i know they will come once i start posting.
Take care, bye for now, kathryn xxx
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time