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Good luck with that little windfall! You deserve every penny of it! The Irish Government wouldn’t give you the steam off their piss! Excuse the vulgarity but we are being raped and plundered in this country. Read what Sulls wrote to my thread today (yesterday) If they did that to me, I’d burn down the bank. 
 I hope you get a lovely car for Brea. She sounds like a really good girl.
As for my finances, Kathryn, we could remortgage the house, but my husband paid off every penny of that because I wasn’t working all those years so I don’t think it would be fair to him. It would be a huge reduction though!
I wish I was a psychopath, with no feelings!
The thought of losing the house would terrify me.I turned stone cold reading about yours…
You will buy a property again Kathryn. I know it in my bones that the rest of your life will be blessed. Get a mortgage in Brea’s name when she is 21 and you can increase your working hours to pay it off. I’m nearly 20 years older than you, so you have a lot of earning power left by comparison.
I know you will move mountains yet!
never say never!
If you ever gamble again, God help you! I will go to Melbourne and SHAKE you!
 all the sevens