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Hi All,
Well…we got the car.  It was amazing, we went to the caryard, Brea saw one she liked (its purple!) and we took it for a drive, it went really well.  I checked all the things Damian told me to and went over it with a fine tooth comb.  It was lovely to drive and did i mention….its purple!!!!! We got it for $3000.  I tried to beat him down but he had already reduced it by a thousand, (so he said) but i did manage to get a full tank of petrol thrown in so i was happy with that.  We will be picking it up by Monday, Brea is very excited, did i tell you…..its purple!!!  Can you tell Brea likes purple…i havent looked at her facebook page yet but im sure there will be something purple in there!!! Isnt it all about the ‘cute’ to a 18yo girl. But i just hope it serves her well and with the rest of the money it will cover insurance and roadside assistance.
We had a good day, i also got the material for our dining chairs, its the same colour as our couch, well, almost and i think its going to look great. Im having my night with Jode tonight and i cant wait.  My sister rang me and told me she had our tickets for the Oz open tennis next year and she has booked the hotel.  She wont let me pay for that but ive told her that every time i give her the eye when we are there i am paying!!! I know she wont let me, she spoils me rotten.  So its been an exciting day, im looking forward to a quiet one tomorrow.
I hope you are all having a good day. Im so pleased this car business is over, just pray to the car gods that i havent gone and bought a bomb!
Take care all, bye for  now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time