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Hiya Kathryn!!!  So lovely to chat to you last night.  Glad to here you have some time off … nothing like a few days to rejuvenate the spirit.  I have to book some time with my best friend soon.  She lives so far away … well ok, an hour away, but I’m always so busy with kids or she’s off flying somewhere for work, so tough to coordinate schedules.  But we’re on the phone with each other every day, gabbing our gums off.
I have another busy weekend ahead.  My boys fanaggled a sleepover with eight of their "closest friends".  I’ll pick them up on Friday afternoon directly from school,then they’ll all come and hang out at our house until Saturday at noon.  Lovely!!!Only redeeming feature is that they’re now old enough that I just have to make sure there is an unending supply of food and snacks and all is well.  Of course, I still have to supervise teeth brushing and make copious threats about bedtime.  But that’s just a nighttime ritual for me.  There is much excitement about the new ping pong table my husband has put in the basement … and he’s put a tv, and their movies and games down there for them, so I shouldn’t see them at all.  And except for the occasional bellow for a snack refill, I shouldn’t hear all that much from them either!!
You are most welcome to come and have some pumpkin pie with us at any time.  I’ll make sure I have a huge turkey and all the fixings … and we’ll eat, drink and laugh to our hearts content.  Even better … come for the snow at Xmas and we’ll go skiing (alpine … not the wussie cross country type, lol.)
Anyway, have a fabulous time off … be good to yourself and stay strong.  (I know you will!!)
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.