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Hi Kathryn,  I love the color purple. It’s my favorite…I love to wear it, and my kitchen is all purple.  Just what is it about the color purple…such a vibrant and happy color. I wish your daughter the best with her new car.  There’s nothing like a "first car".  I remember mine was a Mustang.  My Dad handed me the keys ( I still have the photo of the car, with my Dad and me in front of it, and him handing me the keys) and also the loan payment.   After the loan payment was all paid, he handed me back the money, which my husband and me used for our downpayment on our first home.  (we are no longer married though)   I was only 19. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kathryn.   Your doing great and supporting so many people.  Feel proud of yourself.  Danielle