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the cowboy

Hi Kathryn,
I got a spare HOUR so I decided to catch up on you and it seems you are doing really well, I am sooo proud of what you have achieved to date. I takes courage to do what you have done and I hope that I continue on the same path of a gambling free lifestyle. I like your dedication to your husband, it is quite easy to blame others for our mistakes and found that I too would blame friends for my gambling, this cleary wasn’t the case… I love your daily updates and as strange as it sounds I feel I kinda know you. Its great to feel part of a small community that understands and supports though most of all I enjoy the craic (Irish-ism) take care kathryn and keep that sane mind, gambling is not worth it, you fell once and to fair I think that has made you a stronger person…
speak soon
Alan (Mr Purple)Players do not continuously lose… They continuously nearly win!!