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Hi All,
Well, we went and picked up the ‘purple’ car this morning.  Brea was at work and i drove it down there and picked her up in it.  She is still on her learners permit so Damian and i have to be with her in the car. She will go for her licence in January.  Im glad she will be used to it by the time she is allowed to drive all by herself.  She drove it home and smiled all the way, just gorgeous.
If i was still gambling there is no way in hell i could have bought it for her.  That smile was all i needed to know that every day i dont gamble makes life worthwhile.
Last night Brea was looking on ebay for dresses to wear to her validictory dinner next month.  She found one she liked and asked if i could put it on my credit card.  I said that was fine and began to fill it all in.  When i got to the amount, it was $30.  I nearly died, i thought i would be paying at least $100.  Brea then came out to me with the $30.  I told her i was buying her dress and she said ‘you just bought me a car’.  Little does she know that that dress is the bargain of the century, i was more than happy to pay for it!
Im having a lazy weekend, there is nothing on, which i am grateful for.  Sometimes you just have to do nothing!
I hope you all have a great weekend, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!