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I have had a very ordinary day.  I was flat, tired, sad, angry, upset…i think it may be the hormones! Plus, my computer wouldnt stop freezing, i was getting 10 minutes of internet before it would freeze.  grrrrrr. Not happy.  I have downloaded something that is meant to stop the computer freezing, and so far so good, but i hope i did the right thing, i am so bad with computers, totally illiterate.  Well, it hasnt frozen yet so i think i may be ok.
I didnt do a lot today, i was spending so much time here, trying to fix it that the day just flew and before i knew it, it was over. So im waking up with a new attitude tomorrow, i did go for a walk with Jode today, so that was something.
I hope you all had a good weekend, i feel i have done nothing for myself, which may attribute to my mood.  I also think im more than ready for holidays…only a month to go!
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xx
 Life is about falling….living is about getting up!