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Hi Kathryn:  Hope you’re feeling sunnier after a good night’s sleep.  Isn’t it funny how we forget to factor ourselves in.  At least you did the walk … that’s a good thing. 
It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m just getting ready for my grocery shopping expedition.  I have my flyers and my coupons and I’m ready to hit all the deals.  I’m leaving my husband with explicit instructions that he clean the kitchen, the boys have to make up their beds and take all the laundry down to the basement.  Don’t tell anyone … I’ve trained them to believe that grocery shopping is a hardship for me, when in fact I LOVE it!!!  All the lovely deals and I’m out for a few hours.  I usually stop for a latte before I start and then I launch the attack on retailers.  What joy to save so much, how lovely not to have to pay full price for anything!!!
After the sleepover yesterday, I was an absolute mess.  Got to bed at 3, up at 8 to make a huge breakfast of bacon, pancakes and waffles (for those who didn’t want pancakes) and juice to wash it all down. Then got everyone brushing their teeth, dressing and gathering all their belongings for departure.  They had another four hours of play before pickup.  By 11, they were hungry again, so toasted cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese and hot chocolate for all.  By the time they left, they were well and truly stuffed.  It was a challenging sleepover, one foot injury (running down the basement stairs); one fight to referee (between brothers, had to put on my mean Mommy face and chastise the older brother).  That caused the older one to go into a sulk for an hour.  Then I had to put on my nice Mommy face and explain that I wasn’t mad, I just couldn’t allow physical violence in my home. There was the usual cliquish nonsense, disagreements over which movies to watch, endless negotiating on what time bedtime should be (I lost, obviously). After they had left, I cleaned up, and then collapsed into bed with strict instructions not to disturb me under penalty of death.
Today, it’s been lovely and lazy, made a nice big breakfast again, watched a horror movie with my husband and baby son (Alien vs Predator) … much to my husband’s amusement.  I spent the entire movie with my face covered and my ears closed.  Now, I’m hitting the stores.  When I get back, it’s laundry, studying French with the boys, and dinner.
No gambling possible today, although I won’t lie … the thoughts are still there.  One day, my friend, one day …
Take care and have a fabulous day … do something nice for yourself.
All the best.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.