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Hi everyone,
Thank you all who posted and cheered me up.  I did feel much better when i woke up this morning, i did have a fight with Bailey though, he told me he hadnt handed in the envelope for his school swimming lessons last friday.  I thought he had given the money away ($35) Until i rang the school to confirm we were giving each other daggers.  I then apologised to him for yelling, and he apologised for yelling back!
I went and visited mum this morning, she is getting old.  She will be 80 next year and although she had been pretty lucky health wise, her mind is very slowly going somewhere else.  It frightens me, but whatever happens we will deal with it and in reality i dont think we will be dealing with anything for quite some time to come.
Brea has only 2 days of school left EVER! She is so excited, she has ‘muck up day’ on thursday, you know, where they go and do…im not sure, but there was a list of things sent home that they couldnt do.  The year 12’s then put on a concert for the rest of the school…she is doing Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’ dance with a heap of other girls.  What great funs she is going to have.  I hope she takes it in because the real world is beckoning her, and even though i know she is going to have a great life, dont we all look back with a little envy of the free spirit of 18yo.. the world is their oyster.   Bailey is having swimming lessons all week, apart from Wed, its a public holiday here for the Geelong Cup, a big racing event, hmmmm, dont think ill be going to that one although im working and get public holiday rates so thats a bonus for me.  We are waiting in anticipation of Harry’s bottom tooth to fall out, he’s already lost the top 2, so if he loses the bottom 2 he is going to have the worst lisp, which will be soooo cute.  Im sure he is petrified its going to fall out and he will swallow it!
I had a decent night at work tonight, no dramas although im wondering if its a full moon, the dementia residents were going beserk, wandering, fighting, crying, yelling, it just went on and on.  Im glad to be sitting in my nice quiet lounge.  I have tomorrow off, its going to be 28c, our first real warm day.  I am getting up early and stripping all the beds so i can get them washed and on the line…..what else would i be doing except washing!!!
Anyway, ive rambled enough, im sure as you see by my post i am feeling a lot better.
I hope you have all had a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!