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I feel like taking everything about my husband back tonight. Stubborn, opinionated SOB.
As you know,i was taking the kids to the movies tonight. And i did and hubby decided to come.  We went to the movies together, all 5 of us for the first time ever!
The movie was great, master 10 cried a few times, his favourite transformer was not doing so well but it all went well in the end.
So we had a great time, was driving home, talking all about the movie, what everyones favourite bit was and all that.  We were 1 minute from home and i made a comment about the movie that he didnt agree with, nothing bad i just said we didnt see a lot of humans getting killed ( for a change) and he went ballistic, saying i was an idiot, what movie was i watching etc etc. Brea actually agreed with me and he proceeded to go ballistic at her. It was awful.  I said to him cant we even have a conversation about a movie  and he said no and that was it. We got home and he went to bed and im sitting here with steam coming out of my ears.
It shows me that we really cant do a lot together.  We never have, we have had seperate holidays, seperate friends, seperate lives. Yes he had forgiven me, yes he gives me his money every week but i can see us going seperate ways one day because whatever we do ends in disaster.
Sorry guys, i just needed to have a vent. Thanks for reading
Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time