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Glad your feeling better today Kathryn.  I think we all have those days from time to time.  Family life can be exhausting but what is the alternative…no family.  Myself, I’d rather have my sometimes dysfunctional!!
Is Brea going to college in the fall?  She sounds so smart and lovely.   You did a fine job with her Kathryn and must be so proud of her.  Was she a monster at 13?  I ask because my granddaughter has turned into one over the last 6months.  I hope things change as I never remember being that way.  Of course, I had two older sisters that kept me pretty much in line. 
Your doing great in not gambling.   You seem very determined and I think that’s what it takes.  I feel the same but still get those old urges.   We are all different but basically the same.  We are CG’s.   Danielle