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Hi All,
I had a massive cleaning day today..the warm weather brings out the cleaner in me and i felt great when it was all done.  Tomorrow is a public holiday, no school, so i have the boys home, so im glad i did it all today, i can sleep in in the morning and laze around…no housework, well, not much, theres always something to be done.
I spent a bit of time with Jodie today which was nice.  She is just about to start her busy time with her cleaning business and she always gets stressed out.  Although this year is different, she has 2 little boys to contend to as well.  No wonder she is stressed.  Once its all underway its fine. Her husband and mine had a big falling out about 2 years ago.  They have only just started talking now, which im really happy about as it means we can spend some time at their place this summer.  They are both as bad as each other!  Jode and i didnt get involved, we decided early on to stay out of it, i wasnt losing her as a friend because our men couldnt get on.  Things were said by both of them that shouldnt have been, to a third party to which he gleefully repeated and i believe he made up quite a bit of it.  Anyway, the third party is no longer welcome at my home.  They say women are bitchy!!!!
I took Brea for a drive this afternoon, she is getting quite good but i still pull her up on some things.  She has a bit of a lead foot. They are not allowed to go for their licence until they have had 120hrs of practice…thats a lot but we have got about 50hrs down, so we are getting there.  Ill make sure she has them up by January.
Thats about my day today, i got a lot achieved home wise.  Gambling has been on my mind the last few days, not in the sense that i can go as ill be thrown out, but in that if i hadnt excluded i proboably would have.  Im not sure why…maybe im not being as aware as i should be, ive been a bit down, very short tempered and its my dreaded big week at work.  Well today, i will not gamble!
Have a great day all, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!