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Hey Kathryn:  It’s your delinquent friend in Canada.  Great that you got the spring clean out of the way.  Nothing better than relaxing in a fresh, clean, organized home.  I love my home just after I’ve cleaned it. 
I’m feeling a bit guilty because I feel that my ridiculous behaviour may be somewhat of a catalyst for your gambling thoughts.  I say this because in the past, when I read of others’ slips, I would use it as an excuse to go and gamble myself.  "They slipped and came back, why don’t I just give it a little try."  I’m not saying this is your thought pattern, but if I’ve contributed to those minor urges in ANY way, I am SO very sorry.
I’m in the midst of morning rush hour, trying to get kids off to school, but I thought I would just pop in and let you know you’re in my thoughts.  Have a lovely day relaxing with your kids.  Remember:  do something nice for yourself too.  Gambling thoughts come to me when I’m exhausted (as I was after the sleepover) … so it’s important to take care of yourself.
RG This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.