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Hey Kathryn,
I’m so sorry you were feeling down lately – you don’t deserve it (understatement of the year).
I wonder if you’re just plain emotionally drained and done in – what with that paternity nightmare.  Maybe it’s a slightly delayed reaction and your brain/nervous system rebelling.
I take my hat off to you for your honesty about your gambling thoughts lately – and for your reaction to them.
Remember, that evil alter ego inside who wants you to gamble would laugh its head off if you did give in – and lost money, peace of mind and all that wonderful work you’ve put in.  I guess ‘today I will not gamble’ is all you can do.
But as you’ve said to me before, those days add up and urges fade into good sense!
You sound like such a brilliant mother.  To keep on track for your family while you’re going through all this turmoil is incredible.  I hope you give yourself credit for it!!
I sent a whole shedload of positive vibes to Vera just now, but I’ve always got some in reserve for you….and here they come!!
All my best Kathryn – I think you’re tops!!