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Hi All,
Words cannot express how happy i am that my weekend is over.  It was so emotionally draining, i am just starting to relax now.  So on to next week…my dinner at my sisters was lovely, it was great to see my neice, she looks fantastic, and who wouldnt, spending the last 6 months jetting around the world. It was lovely to catch up.
Damian is cooking me a roast pork dinner tonight, yum. I am looking forward to some family time this week, and it always takes me a couple of days to catch up on the house after my busy week, but it will be nice knowing i have 4 days off after Wed.  I really havent thought too much of gambling this week, its usually when its quiet around here that my thoughts drift off, and i really have been too busy to think about it. 
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend, i often think of you all, wondering what you are all doing, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!