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Hi Kathryn
I have just logged on before I start doing some course-work and there is not much happening in F&F. It would be great to think it was because there was no longer a need!!
I too am avoiding the ironing which, in de-‘pressing’ unity with yours, hangs over me like the sword of Damocles – grrrrr. I hope you got yours done. I am staying out of the room where mine is hanging with nasty creased bits that the iron won’t fit into without making more creases!! I think I know why so many materials are formed from ‘man-made’ fibres – if they were woman-made fibres they would never need ironing!
It is wonderful to read that your thoughts of gambling are decreasing. I know it is vastly different to me but I found with time that I could read the forums and think about the ‘subject’ without ‘my’ experience registering as being about ‘me’. I am under no illusions about the addiction but it is brilliant to read how your mind is now so full of other things that gambling is locked into a recess of your mind that you don’t visit for longer and longer periods. Today you even picked up the post and checked it out without getting to the door at all – terrific.
Take good care of you – you have made Monday a brighter day for me – even with the ironing.
Loads of Love as Ever
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx