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It’s taken me a bit to read up on the last 10 days or so of your life.  You do sound a little worn out, no wonder with all of the things you are doing.  I just wanted you to know that for some strange reason at about 90 – 100 days, I had quite strong urges to gamble too.  Not sure why, as things were generally going well in my life.  So your recent thoughts probably aren’t all that unusual.  Also, make sure you pay attention to your stress level, we have years and years of defaulting to gambling to deal with stress, and only months of trying other things to deal with stress.  Some would say that if you are weakened, the gambling demon can sneak in.  However you want to frame it, you just need to pay attention to your own health. 
I still don’t know the name of the purple car!  Just reading your post about Brea’s last days at school, and the glorious carefree days of being 18 made me a little nostalgic.  Of course, in life’s funny way, I can now look in the eyes of my boyfriend from those days, and feel carefree again. 
Take care of yourself, as always, it’s fun to read about the adventures of Kathryn!