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Hi Kathryn
Like you, i create a visual image of everything that plays in my mind like a wee movie…. so the visual of your trip to swimming had me in fits!!! Especially the part about trying to look cool infront of the easy-on-the eye teacher, while gasping for oxygen. LOL.
But then marilee’s post about the toilet olympics……!! Hahaha hahaha The visuals on THAT one were even funnier. Thanks for the laugh this morning girls. yes marilee, the aussies are probably all nuts enough to hold such competitions!! hehe. And the award for ‘best banshee-ing mother outside a childs toilet cubicle’ goes to….(drumroll please)………………. KATHRYN!!!!!!
Have a great day!
Love and light
Meg xxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"