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Hi Kathryn
Reading about you looking like a rhino and Bailey waving from the pool reminded me of when I tried to look super cool scuba diving off Queensland. The trouble was that I am mildly asthmatic and hearing my breathing getting strained I panicked – not the wisest thing to do. I knew I shouldn’t put my feet down because of the coral and anyway it would cut me to ribbons, so I waved in distress whilst shouting ‘help’ with a mouthful of sea water (which probably sounded more like glub, glub, splutter). My husband, who was on the shore waved back ‘hi’, turned round and walked away. On the third time down I risked the bloodied feet and knees and I won’t repeat what I said as I crawled ashore!!
Your posts are a joy to read (except the bits where Meg mentions my personal problems at Halloween).     
I hope Brea does brilliantly with her exams – I’m sure she will with a mother as terrific as you.
Loads of Love
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx