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Firstly, thanks Danielle and Nancy for your posts…very wise and true.
I had to go and re-self exclude today…seems the one i did last week didnt cover all the venues and i had to go and do another one today. I took Brea with me, we had to do some shopping anyway, some stuff for her new job, stuff for school, hey, i think i spent all my money on her!!!!! It was nice to be able to do it without worrying that i wouldnt have enough left to gamble.
So Brea came with me and watched me sign the papers and have the mug shot…we went grocery shopping on the way home and when i was finished and going to the car she said she needed to go back and get something for herself.  I went and put the groceries in the car and when she came out she had a bunch of flowers for me.  She told me she was so proud of me..wasnt that lovely.
Shes a very thoughtful girl, that daughter of mine. Im very lucky to have her and that she turned out so well, considering…
Anyway guys, im going to a meeting tonight, day 15 and i cant wait to say that in my therapy.  I hope you are all having a lovely gamble free day, i sure am! Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time