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Hi All,
Well, i think Brea did ok in her exams…she came out and said it was fine!  She answered everything, had time to read over her answers and was really happy with what she had written..1 down, 5 to go!
I had a really lovely day today.  Dames and i took the boys to Kmart, they bought some Leggo, Dames got some stuff and i was very good and didnt buy anything, unless you count  a new pair of kitchen tongs!!
We came home and lazed about all afternoon, the boys put on a movie and played with their leggo, it was the first time we had taken them out shopping for a while, last time we went i said they were never going again due to their behaviour, but they were angels.  I had a nap, then got up and made dinner.  After cleaning up, there was a big storm coming over, fork lightning everywhere, big claps of thunder, so the boys and i got the patio furniture and set it up  and sat and watched the storm.  They are usually scared so i tried to tell them the little i know about storms and all the made up things i had been told as a child.
We had a lovely time, they were quite interested in the made up things…the clouds are playing football, that was their favourite.  It was great to spend some real time with them.  I feel very contented today.  I am just about to head to bed but wanted to write of my lovely day before i woke up tomorrow and had forgotten it! I do have a great story about my skinny jean shopping on Friday…but ill save that for later, its a hoot!
Anyway, happy halloween to all who celebrate it…we hung a skeleton in the window, not much i know, but i had to do something after all the hype!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx Life is about falling….living is about getting up!