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Kathryn, so sorry you are feeling blue.  Could it be hormones?  Go ahead and sob if you need to.  I’m going through menopause and have had more than my share of mood swings.  I’ve never been a ‘fighter’ or one for confrontaion. I took some things to the pay laundry downtown.  I was getting out of my car and about 5 hispanic men were standing around laughing and I felt if one of them said one thing I could "take them’ all and beat the cr*p out of them.  I must have looked at them like I ‘dared’ them because they looked at each other and moved out of my way. I’ve never had that felling again, thank goodness, but it was totally out of character for me.  (I’ve been taking hormones for a couple of years for that reason…and for the hotflashes.) Go ahead and have your sob and your time to yourself and you will be back to your upbeat happy self soon.