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Hi All,
I am feeling much better today, yes Sherry, it could well be the hormones, who knows but i woke up feeling fine this morning.  So i thought i would fill you in on my skinny jean tale…
Friday i went into town with Jodie.  I have a beautiful pair of long black boots and i have been dying to wear them over my jeans but as the ones i own are all wide leg i knew i had to go and get some ‘skinny ones’.
Enter in to the shop, the barely 18 y/o girl greets us and i tell her what i want…jeans to go in my boots…skinny jeans she replies.  So we pick a size, i tell her im a 13 and she gets them…i squeeze into them and get them done up and walk out of the change room…"TOO BIG" she yells and gets me a 12 (hmmm im feeling pretty good at this stage!).  I squeeeeeze into the 12’s, but, they are very low waisted and i need something to hold in my tummy so i ask if she has these and she says "look, i want you to try on a pair of mens jeans", "ok" i say, whatever.  She gives me a mens size 12 and they go on ok, they are nice and high waisted, but when i come out she yells "too big" you need an 11.  This is where it gets wierd….i get the 11 on, by this time, im hot, bothered and out of breath, but, i cant get them done up.  She then says…"get down on your knees and bend backwards and they will do up", so stupid me does it, im on the floor, in obvious pain, counting to 3 and trying to do up the jeans. The old rhino was back, huffing and puffing but…i did get them done up.  "hooray" the sales girl yells…Im standing there, looking at her, nearly being cut in half by these jeans and i say to her…"honey, if i have to do that everytime i want to wear these, well, forget it!".
So in the end, i opted for the first pair of 12’s…and ill wear spanx to keep the belly in line.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it all.  Why oh why do i let these people do this to me.  After that, Jode and i went and had a coffee, and we laughed and laughed.  I once made her go into this ‘healing centre’ to have a try of drum therapy…we had to stand there while this man banged a drum really close to our bodies…freaky!!!  Im sure she thinks its payback!!! What goes around comes around.
Have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xx Life is about falling….living is about getting up!