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Hi All,
I dont have a lot to post today, yesterday was a home day, which was nice although i did go and visit my mum and my bestie for coffee.  I spent a lot of time here reading and posting, i seem to have days when i do a couple, and then days i do 15!  Most of my work was done so i had a fairly lazy one. 
Brea is off for another exam today, its interesting, i have been watching what she is wearing to her exams because when i did mine for my nursing, i would dress according to my mood/confidence, and she is exactly the same.  The first one last week she looked awful, dressed in big clothes (which isnt like her at all) but as she has been going along, her dress is getting better and better.  She’s quite the looker today, hair and makeup done, im sure by the last one she will be wearing her 10" heels!!!!
Im working this afternoon, and i have Harry home with me today, no kinder so im sure once i get my backside into gear we will be visiting someone, he loves going for a visit!
I have been talking to my sister quite a lot lately, we are very close now, which i love and when we get on the phone its always for at least an hour! We never run out of things to say, i know, shocking for me!
My other sister is coming down from  Darwin for the weekend to see her mother in law who has terminal cancer.  Unfortunately im working for the most of it, but we will catch up.  Her daughter is due for her 2nd child in just under 3 weeks.  We were going to go for a holiday next year, but i think i am going to go up for a few days on my own, i seem to be having trouble working out holidays, so that will be lovely!
I only have to work 6 more shifts until im on holidays, 1 week to go! As for my first line of my post, i take it back, seems i underestimate my life, i started this post thinking it would be a 1 liner!  Hah, i should know myself better.
Anyway, no urges of gambling, although it is always in the back of my mind…im sure Mr. addiction is just waiting for me to lower my guard…sorry mate, not happening!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!