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Hi All,
You wouldnt read about it, i hurt my back at work last night.  And i still cant work out what i did.  I had given a resident, who was in bed her medication and she was looking for her alarm clock.  I found it on the floor with an unsafe tag on it so i told her she would have to get a new one.  She’s quite deaf and asked me to repeat it.  I leaned over and told her again and when i straightened up…ping…i felt my lower back go.  I could barely move. 
I have had back problems in the past when i had the kids but have had no problems for a number of years.  It was so out of the blue.  I went and told my Div 1 straight away and filled out an injury form, just to cover myself.  Mind you, the Div 1 didnt tell me to go home, she told another meds nurse to give me a hand.  Was i wild…YES.  She then proceeded to tell me all about her arthritic hips.  I could barely stand up straight by the time i got home.
It feels a bit better today, i am going to the doctors in an hour, thankfully i have the day off so i will be resting. Im walking like a duck as im terrified i am going to make it worse.  Anyway, ill keep you posted, im very annoyed this has happened, but it has so ill see what the doc says. 
Take care , bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!