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Hi Kathryn,
How miserable about your back – I’m so sorry for you.
I had a bad back for years (off and on).  Basically, it clicked out every now and then, and then the muscles spasmed – and left me totally immobile (it was agony to even try to move).
But then someone suggested a brilliant osteopath and I’ve never looked back since (though I am physically able to look back!!).  I always confused osteos with chiropractors (the bone-crunchers!), but mine did the trick from the 1st visit.
I couldn’t believe how subtle the manipulations are – and how immediate the benefits were.
Sorry, I think you’re a nurse (aren’t you?), so obviously you’ll know about all your options.  But I thought I’d mention this in case it’s something you hadn’t considered.
Whatever happens, I really hope you get well soon and are as comfortable as possible in the meantime.
Get well soon!