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Hi Kathryn:  Sorry to hear that you’ve hurt your back.  We take our bodies for granted on a daily basis and when it chats back sometimes it’s a real eye-opener.  Hope the meds have well and truly kicked in by the time you read this and that you’re feeling no pain.  Sounds like fun having a good old gab with you Mum and sis … enjoy!!
While you’re nursing a sore back, I’m managing a bruised ego after another slip.  The only good thing I can say is that these are short-lived, one-night stands, and while damaging, will not break me.  I so need a bit of your backbone right now.  I feel gross.
On that self-pitying note, I’ll bid adieu and will check in with you again in a few days when I’ve scraped a bit of my dignity off the floor.
Tentative hugs.